Tzina Morgenstern
Zeit Zeichen Zeugen  -  September 2013
Titel: "Griechischer Olivenbaum"

Öl auf Leinwand

Geboren 1978 in Zakynthos / Griechenland.
Wirtschaftsstudium, anschließend Kunststudium in Thessaloniki (2006-2011).
Teilnahme an Gruppenausstellungen.

Tzina Morgenstern was born in Zakynthos in 1978. She has studied accounting and finance in the American College of Greece. Then she has entered the School of Fines Arts of Thessaloniki where she followed painting, graving and sculpture courses with emphasis in painting (2006-2011).

She has participated in several group exhibitions and she has received excellent critics for her graduation project by her teachers, whose had distinguished a unique personal style in terms of technique and color. In certain paintings there is an expressionistic influence where in others there is a myth element and a personal perception of nature.